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Here, we roleplay in an alternate timeline where the four main Clans disbanded, then reformed. They settled near a mountain, but quickly became caught up in quarrels and fights. Now, all Clans are at war over one thing- who will gain control of the mountain? And will they ever be able to achieve peace?

The Four Clans

  • IceClan - this Clan is one of the main parties in the war. They live at the top of the mountain and seek to annhilate their enemies down below.
  • SunClan - the other main party in the war. They live at the foot of the mountain, and their solution to the war is to create peace with IceClan.
  • ForestClan - a smaller Clan caught in the cross-fire, ForestClan's dreams of neutrality have come to nothing. They often side with SunClan in the war efforts.
  • StreamClan - another small Clan notoroius for its corrupt system. They profess neutrality but really side with IceClan in the war. 

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